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We’ve kept RasterWeb! ad-free for quite some time…

We’ve kept RasterWeb! ad-free for quite some time. Sure, other jumped on the ad bandwagon, but we tried to stay of of the ad game… Well, no more! We will begin running ads soon. We do promise this though, they will be unobtrusive, and they will not be for anything we consider completely icky. We came to this conclusion after being approached for ad placement. Honestly it’s not a ton of money each month, but it’s worth thinking about. Now, to deal with the whole money thing, we came up with this. Each month part of the money will be put aside to support authors we like, people like Zeldman, for instance… and part of it will be donated to an open-source project. This allows us to continue learning, and support things we believe in. If neccessary in the future, any advertising revenue will be put towards hosting costs as well.

I value you feedback on this issue, and if you are interested in advertising, please contact me.