Dave and IE

Dave is meeting with the IE team…

Dave is meeting with the IE team.

I want to talk about how the browser can be made more useful to people who use RSS and who write weblogs. I’m going to ask for features that work for all blogging software and all aggregators, foolish me, maybe I’m the only one who thinks we all do better if everyone has a chance to compete.

Um, Dave, you do realize that the next version of IE will be a pay-to-play affair. As IE for Windows will only be included when you purchase Longhorn, and IE for Mac will only be available if you purchase MSN. So if you really want to help “all blogging software and all aggregators” and want us all to have “a chance to compete” will you also be meeting with the Mozilla folks, the Opera folks, the Safari folks?

The funny thing is, if Dave wanted to make the browser work better for these things, he might do well to look at the Mozilla project, which has a huge pile of extensions at MozDev, many of which aim to make the browser known as Mozilla a better blogging and aggregator component. If Mozilla has these components, and they are done right, won’t Microsoft sit up and take notice, and do something about it?