Almost April

Matt and Dave get trixed by a gnome!?

Photo Matt seems like a smart guy. So does Dave Shea, but I think they’ve both been had. Matt mentioned that Lockergnome was returning to what I’ll refer to as crappy markup practices. This was also commented on by Dave at mezzoblue talking about standards as a continuum.

Now, I don’t claim to be smarter than either of these guys, but I do claim to be able to look at a calendar. Mine says it’s March, and I happen to know that after March comes April. April 1st to be precise, which is also known as April Fools Day.

Obviously this is a prank by the people at Lockergnome. Oh sure, you think it’s too early, it’s not even mid-March! Ah, the element of surprise! If they mentioned this too close to April 1st, it would blow everything.

Mark my words, this has to be a joke. Because only a damn fool would consider tossing out clean, valid, semantic markup for total crap.

Oh, just in case I am wrong, feel free to apply that ‘damn fool’ label to the folks at Lockergnome…