Goodbye Lockergnome…

No more support for those with no more support for standards…

Photo Matt has unsubscribe from the Lockergnome newsletters… Blink! There ya go, I just unsubscribed too. If you are an advocate of supporting web standards, the semantic web, valid code, or just plain quality, I’d urge you to think about doing the same. A nice follow up would be to email them explaining why you’ve unsubscribed, in the hopes that someone there actually cares.

Personally, I first remember noticing the Lockergnome stuff when it seemed to be a good resource for Windows folks, but later noticed they had web development stuff. I took a look and was not hugely impressed, but thought it was well enough done. Their redesign using CSS really did impress me, and make me think that perhaps I’d been missing something. They also became advocates of syndication, which was a good thing.

But now, the credibility is gone. Imaging if tomorrow you went to Zeldman‘s site and it was full of tables and <font> tags and spacer gifs. You’d think his site had been hijacked, or that he’d gone mad, or that it was perhaps April 1st, or maybe April 1st, 1997.

Goodbye Lockergnome, you almost had me at “CSS…”