Doesn’t Get it

Someone else just doesn’t get it: Let me let you in on two dirty little secrets of blogging…

Someone else just doesn’t get it

Let me let you in on two dirty little secrets of blogging. First, for every blogger, there is probably a handful of readers.

Sure, blogging is a new publishing mechanism (sort of). But it has more in common with wanna-bes who self-publish deathless prose through vanity presses, or pre-teens who pour their hearts out into diaries with flimsy locks, or little old ladies who write poetry with quill pens to read to their cats and store in the sock drawer, than with actual, grab-your-audience-by-the-hair (or other body parts) and get ’em to think writing.


It’s like that phone thing. It tends to be used by teenagers planning what to do on the weekend, it couldn’t possibly be a serious business tool! Or those PC’s. I mean, I love playing games too, but how could we utilize them for professional journalism? Which we need a lot more of!

Still, I no longer have the time to keep updating a personal observation blog. And lack of time is the primary reason I’m abandoning Byte Me’s companion Random Bytes personal blog and will shortly take down its archives.

Ok, so besides the fact that this guy obviously made no useful connections through his weblog, as illustrated by his whining and then saying he’ll shut it down, he adds that he’ll remove all archives, as if in shame of his failed experiment. Well, the Google cache will hold it for a while, and then if we’re lucky it’ll go into the Wayback Machine.

Try talking to people who are using weblogs for everyday tasks directly related to business, or people who use them to solve real problems, or track issues, or do research… or… Many weblogs are authored by professionals who just happen to be experts in their domain. It’s not all angst-filled teens with the weight of the world on them. And honestly, that’s as valid a use of weblogging technology as anything else, isn’t it?