Feed on Feeds Unread List

One more Feed on Feeds hack before I’m outta here…

One more Feed on Feeds hack before I’m outta here…

Below is what you would normally see. Well, ok what I would normally see when using Feed on Feeds:

Feed on Feeds subscribed feeds list

My last modification was to make the feeds with unread items bold, and put how many unread items after the name. (This is how Bloglines does it.) Notice the addition of a link titled ‘show unread’ at the top.)

The new way, after clicking on that ‘show unread’ link:

Feed on Feeds subscribed unread feeds list

Clicking on the ‘show unread’ link reloads the list with just the feeds with unread items, hiding those that are already read. This might be handy for people who are subscribed to a zillion feeds.

What I’m really liking about Feed on Feeds is the hackability, even though I’m no PHP expert. (Imaging if I did know PHP!) Bloglines is still very nice, and I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t get that hacking itch, but for those of us who always need to tweak things along the way, Feed on Feeds is great.