Han Solo and Firefox

Ben Goodger had the following to say…

Ben Goodger had the following to say:

Netscape had it by being first.
Microsoft has it by being everywhere.
Firefox will have it by being best.

We’re coming.

But I think he left out the bit about Netscape blowing it by getting all uppity.

Remember when Han Solo said Great kid, don’t get cocky!? Well, small victories are great, but they are not equivalent to crushing the Empire.

While Firefox may be great, or even the best, I am continually saddened by the fact that many people/companies/organizations do not want the best, they just want the “good enough” – Really? Sure…

Ask yourself this? Is Windows better than Mac OS X? Is a BMW better than a Dodge? Don’t underestimate the power of “being everywhere” cuz while the dark side is not stronger…. ok, I give up on the Star Wars analogies, you get my meaning…

As an aside, I’ve had Firefox version 1.0 Preview Release quit on me a number of times. I can usually tell when it will happen because there is crazy disk activity beforehand. That’s ok, I blame the plugin authors, why? It makes me feel better…