Furl Gets Bought

Looksmart Acquires, no kidding…

Gosh, look at that: Looksmart Acquires (See Also: Why is neat, and Bootstrapping out into open space.)

[Sometimes I hate being a smart hacker type with no business sense…]

One thing I found interesting in the article is this bit:

“Every person who furls a page is casting a vote for it,” said Krim. “We’ll be taking the masses’ votes instead of just the webmasters’ votes.”

They even mention Google’s PageRank, which is interesting, because I see it having one of the same problems, context. Is someone ‘furling’ a URL a vote for… how authoritative the page is? Maybe. I mean, I stick plenty of things into just because I want to read it later. It might be a link to something that totally sucks and is wrong in every way, but I won’t know that until later, when I read it. Just like Google’s PageRank, which is a measure of popularity, not quality.

Hmmm, perhaps we need to solve that problem!

Oh, and as for the whole ‘masses’ versus the ‘webmasters’ – well, I guess us weblog types are ‘webmasters’ eh? Shouldn’t all the masses become webmasters eventually?

Ok, back to testing…