Personal Wiki

About two months ago I started a wiki. No, not here, on the Linux box in my basement…

About two months ago I started a wiki. No, not here, on red, the Linux box in my basement. The goal was to try to replace the ~/Notes dir on my Mac with something I could easily get to (I always have a browser running) and something that would allow for easy linking and searching. I know a directory full of text files is the unix way, but I wanted something different.

I’ve been using wiki’s for a long time, but never really set up a “Personal Wiki” just for me before.

So far it’s been a huge success with all of it’s users (me) in that I’ve added over 50 pages in two months. sure there was an initial surge in page creation, but it seems that I add new pages at least every few days, and make edits almost daily. It’s a lot of personal stuff, which people would find even less interesting that what I am writing now. (If you can believe that.)

Now as for the directory full of text files, I think wget -r mixed in with some perl and cron on my desktop machine might actually solve that issue…