Podcasting Must Hears

I thought I should at least take a few minutes to list off some of the stuff I’ve been listening to…

I’ve been busy lately, real busy… But I thought I should at least take a few minutes to list off some of the stuff I’ve been listening to…

  • Daily Source Code [RSS] – Come on, it’s Adam Curry, ’nuff said right?
  • Evil Genius Chronicles [RSS] – Been listening to Dave since we started this stuff and he, Adam and I all had our own versions of ‘iPodder’ clients… Dave’s an interesting fellow, and always has something interesting to say.
  • The Dawn and Drew Show [RSS] – Yes, I’m probably to blame for getting Drew started on the podcasting thing. What can I say, I so proud… (!?!?)
  • Reel Reviews [RSS] – Brilliant! Film reviews that hit the target, dead on… I’m surprised there isn’t a link to Amazon to buy the DVD‘s, seems like a perfect match.
  • The Rock and Roll Geek Show [RSS] – I can’t say I love all the stuff Mr. Butler plays, but I’ve enjoyed the shows, and it’s pretty darn easy to skip the songs you don’t like (try that with radio!) Again, I’m surprised there isn’t an Amazon affiliate thing going on to sell CD‘s.
  • Coverville [RSS] – I’ve figured out the secret of Coverville, and it’s simple. It’s things that are familiar, but newly discovered all at once. Songs you probably know, done by artists you might now, but it’s all mixed up… or something like that. again, simple to skip the songs you don’t like, kicks the butt of radio.
  • Treo Podcast [RSS] – How can you not like a podcast where the host says “This is a special podcast, if by "special" you mean "drunk."”? Entertaining indeed!
  • Brainwagon Radio [RSS] – I really like the geeky topics of the show. Mark always seems to have some new gadget or experiment to talk about.

Wow, the list is a lot longer than last time we looked at my playlist. This isn’t even it, I just wanted to highlight a few… We still got Trade Secrets, all the stuff at IT Conversations, Eric Rice, Esc From the World!, Jimmy Jett… and the list goes on and on…

A while back Drew and I were discussing the fact that neither of us have really heard Lazer 103 since August… Hmmm, about the time podcasting started to take off… And what’s happening in Denver? Denver radio stations launch battle to win back listeners… Wake up RadioLand! It’s a Brave New World…