Acquisition Template

Ready to be acquired? Use the template below…

(Ready to be acquired? Use the template below.)

By now you’ve heard that [SERVICE NAME] has been acquired by [BIG COMPANY]…

Rest assured, we’re all staying on board through this transition, and are very exicted at the changes in the coming [WEEKS/MONTHS (pick one)].

Don’t worry, we won’t change the great [PRODUCT] you love, we’ll just have more resources available to do great things!

Since we started [SERVICE NAME], we have been approached by [VC’s/SLOW MOVING COMPANIES/COMPETITION] wishing to [INVEST IN/PURCHASE/CRUSH/COPY (pick one)] us, and I think we’ve done a great job over the [MONTHS/YEARS (pick one)] but as we’ve grown, it’s been a strain to keep up, so when [BIG COMPANY] made use an offer, and wanted us all to come on board to see things through, we couldn’t say “no.”

(Tweak as needed. You may need to add more “reassuring” text at the end, depending on your user-base.)