Milwaukee’s Beatallica?

I’ve been a fan of Beatallica for a long time…

I’ve been a fan of Beatallica for a long time (Ok, since approximately last year or so) and who hasn’t enjoyed their music? Very few people, that’s who!

I know they’ve had some legal problems lately, but according to a Boing Boing post, they’re from Milwaukee.

Milwaukee and Beatallica… I had no idea.

And what’s this? Mention of live shows in 2005!? I am so freakin’ there!

(Update: Here’s a post mentioning some upcoming shows.)

(Update: While Beatallica’s site is off the air, you can try to get their stuff courtesy of matthowie.)

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I grabbed the torrent that was posted on Boing Boing before the link went dead. If you’re interested I can share it out and send you the URL. Just let me know.

I guess I should have explained better: This is a torrent of an archive containing every single Beatallica song. As of about a week ago it was live with lots of seeds.

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