I came across some band podcasting their practice. Genius!

While just letting the material play, I came across some band podcasting their practice. Genius! What a use of podcasting!

The band is the nineteenthirteen massacre, and here’s a bit from their bio:

Formed in February 2005, the nineteenthirteen massacre quickly implemented an RSS feed to offer listeners an alternative to mass media controlled propaganda. D.I.Y. in their punk roots, and disgusted with the direction in which music industry is headed, podcasting and the nineteenthirteen massacre were a natural match…

Even if their music isn’t your cup o’ tea, these guys are breaking new ground. If I was 15 years younger, it’s exactly what I would have done. ;)

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Really interesting and what a way to capture and preserve all their material for the future and we can also follow their progress. When my band started out 20 yrs ago all we had is old tapes and pictures, this is capturing it all digitally and bringing it to the masses in a cool way. To me this was always the way the internet could open doors and bypass the politics that is the music industry.

To my generation an intelligent way of going about it and to some extent genius, but to the kids of today a pretty normal way of going about their business. I wish them luck.

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