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Why I love Perl… How do I get my perl program to run faster?

Why I love Perl… From the perliaq – infrequently asked questions about Perl

How do I get my perl program to run faster?

In Perl, there’s always more than one way to do it. Try one of these techniques.

        use more 'cpu';
        use less 'time';
        use more 'speed';

        ## or, the ever popular 
        ## Military Marching Band accompaniment:
        use March::Sousa qw(:DoubleTime);

The March::* hierarchy is not found on CPAN. Please contact the author for more information.

Alternatively, programs have been known to complete more quickly when they contain a declaration like this one:

        BEGIN {exit}

If your application is truly urgent, you might try the experimental

        no more 'time';

feature, but this has been reported to cause some systems to panic.

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