Connection Failure

The tech was out last week Friday, and got the cable modem installed at it’s new location… And then…

The tech was out last week Friday, and got the cable modem installed at it’s new location (right after he installed the Moxi.) He tested the line, looked good, we talked about splitters, and avoiding them, and all was well.

I spent the next day and a half setting up 4 machines, a new Linksys WRT54G, and other various neccessary stuff, and all was well. All green lights.

So when the HandyTone 486 ATA arrived last night, I made an attempt to install it, but realized I had no connection!

I checked my logs (of course I log connection outages) and realize that I had about 10 hours of downtime yesterday, and about the same the day before! Argh! This will not do! I power cycle the modem, try multiple computers, log into the http server in the modem, reboot it, no good. I make the call…

I explain things, including when my downtime started, ended, etc, and the guy wants to know how I know when it was offline if I wasn’t home, and I explain how I log it all, to which he remained silent for a minute. I then got my connection back, just as we were scheduling a tech to come out, and then I lose it again. Frustration abounds.

Someone will be out Monday. After that, the connection is fine the rest of the night as I configure the HandyTone. In the morning the connection is fine as well. I leave the house, and a few hours later, it’s dead again. Double Plus Argh!

Either my ISP shuts off my connection everyday when I leave the house, or the cats are up to no good…

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Wireless is great, but “if you have the means”, go wired. Crimp a CAT-5 cable already! OTHH, it *should* work. In theory.

Beats me.

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