i18n is Hard

If Barbie was a programmer she might say “Internationalization is hard!”

If Barbie was a programmer she might say “Internationalization is hard!”

In all this much to painful research on i18n and unicode and charsets, and all that jazz, I happened across this:

Java Internationalization

Argh… Yeah, you see those ?’s in there… Is it just me on my computer, using my browser that sees that? If we dare try to validate we get the message: No Character Encoding Found!

Believe me, I am not picking on O’Reilly or Andy or David, who are all probably 10 times smarter than I am in internationalization issues (and other things.) I am merely pointing out that after beating my head against my desk trying to solve form submission and internationalization and localization problems, I’m about ready to give up on these computer things and go back to printing ink on t-shirts…

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Haha, marvellous :)

It’s a great book by the way, which along with Sam Ruby’s many posts on i18n woes helped me solve all my web application localisation problems.

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