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Disable error dialogs in Firefox…

From the most recent Mozilla Links Newsletter (which has been delivered via email but not on the site yet. Hello? Web?) comes this PowerTip to disable error dialogs in Firefox and replace them with error pages:

When Firefox can’t locate a web address entered in the location bar (because it’s not available or you mistyped the address), it will raise a dialog window with the error message that you will have to close to try entering the address again.

If you find this annoying, you can disable it and have the error displayed as a page.

To do this:

  1. Enter about:config in the location bar.
  2. Look for preference browser.xul.error_pages.enabled, and double click it to set it to

I’m going to see if I prefer this to the somewhat annoying dialogs that require hitting “Ok” to move on from…

Update: I’ve found one problem with this so far. If you submit a form and get a Firefox error page, the back button is disabled. It seems you have to click the forward button once, and then the back button to get back to the form you just posted.

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Interesting.. Taking a look at some of the other config options accessible via about:config

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