Googleball was acquired by Google…

The dream is still alive!

  1. Start a company,
  2. Get aquired by Google, or Yahoo!, or some other larger company…
  3. Profit!

( was acquired by Google…)

Oh, with that Step 2. you’ll want to make sure it’s not a company you despise, whose only plan is to crush you because you present some sort of competiton to them, like say, Microsoft

Now, while the dream for the creators of the company/service comes true, what about the users and consumers? It seems like every time something neat shows up, it ends up getting gobbled up by a larger company, so that in 10 years time, it will be true that there are 5 corporations that seems to own and control everything we see, hear, and think. The dream quickly becomes a nightmare when choice all but disappears… Oops, there I go getting all dystopian again! (Repeat after me: I’m a Happy Consumer! I’m a Happy Consumer!)