I Can’t Drive 75!

75 mph limit proposed for Wisconsin freeways!?

Wowza! 75 mph limit proposed for Wisconsin freeways:

…a higher speed limit would save drivers time, save some drivers money on speeding tickets and bring Wisconsin’s limit in line with a third of the nation’s states that already have the higher limit.

It would not save them money for gas, however. (Damn!)

“Cars are engineered these days in a way which can better handle a little higher speeds,” Reynolds said. “It’s a slowly emerging trend.” (Not mine! See below…)

“Speed doesn’t kill. It’s the speed differential that causes accidents.” (???)

My only worry is that my car (affectionately referred to as ‘the crapmobile’) starts to wobble pretty bad when going over 65, so there’s a good chance it’ll wobble itself off the road and down an embankment if I attempt to go 75 miles per hour, killing me and leaving no one around to update this web site…

Other than that little concern, Zoooooooom!