I guess there was a tornado in Wisconsin last week. I missed it, and luckily, it missed me…

I guess there was a tornado in Wisconsin last week. I missed it, and luckily, it missed me…

I was pretty much offline, or too involved in my own projects to hear about it, and since I don’t generally watch the news, or local TV stations, I was clueless. This is actually one of the things that sometimes bothers me about being so in control of the media I consume. I mean, a major disaster happens in the state I live in (granted, not real close to where I live) and I don’t know about it for days. Obviously if it was big enough news, I’d probably hear it, but still… It’s strange.

On the same front, I’ve noticed that when people say “Have you seen that commercial where…” very often I haven’t, as most of the television I am watching is pre-recorded, and I’m skipping the commercials. (Plus I tend to watch Cartoon Network and IFC more than anything else.)

Is this something we need to worry about in the brave new world of We Are The Media?

On a “citizen’s journalism” note, is this bit from a news story on the tornado:

A witness captured the Stoughton tornado on his camera phone.

Hooray for that. I wonder if it made it to Flickr or mefeedia though…

Of course, true to the Wisconsin spirit, it takes more than a little weather to put a damper on things:

The tornado tore the roof off the country club, said the club’s executive chef, Lenny Peaslee. As the storm approached, golfers started coming off the course, and about 40 people huddled in the basement and waited, he said.

“We were … hiding behind the bar,” Peaslee said. “We had beer, anyway.”

We wish you well in these troubled times, citizens of Stoughton Wisconsin…

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I have send weather alert text messages to my phone. This way, any time conditions are right for possibly severe storms to potentially form anywhere in southeastern Wisconsin or maybe northern Illinois, I get a text message every five minutes with an update. Which is pretty anoying, actually, but also kind of funny. I want to run down the halls shouting “We are all going to be killed by the potential for severe storms!”

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