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Last year my costume idea was the iPod Photo…

You remember last year don’t you? My costume idea was the iPod Photo. At least one person thought it was cool

iPod nano costume on Mr. Orchard Well, this year I feel completely justified in suggesting you take last year’s costume, rip it in half to make it much smaller, and paint it black. When I say “last year’s costume” I am of course referring to the iPod Photo costume you made, just like Mr. deusx… You will then be teh cool with your iPod nano costume. How 2005 of you! (Failing that, make it look like my Rio 500 and you can party like it’s 1999!)

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I’m telling ya, a Nano or maybe a Shuffle (with your face painted as a PLay button) would make a much better costume. That iPod Photo I made was hella wide– I could barely make it through doorways, and the visibility was crap. Let’s hear it for Apple Engineering making slimmer products, which in turn make for slimmer costumes!

Although, if I made a video-enabled iPod costume, I’d have to carry a TV around with me everywhere. That’d probably be easier as some wheeled or mechanized costume, really.

it’s amazing to see all these people how came up with ipod costumes, but my favorite still has to be the costume I saw last year in the 2004 NYC Halloween Parade.

This guy created a iPod Mini costume and it was pretty accurate in scale.

He even put up a website to show how he did it.

Darn thing looks easy, but I bet it took alot of time….


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