The iPod. Now with Video!

I just mentioned the whole video iPod idea last week…

I just mentioned the whole video iPod idea last week, right?

I mean, everyone is a talking about the video iPod, right?

There are nearly 1000 videoblogs listed in mefeedia’s directory

The Yahoo! Videoblogging Group has over 1400 members…

We’ve got Ourmedia,, and others… We’ve got vlogdir, vlogmap, and others…

So what does it all mean? Maybe nothing… Maybe something…. For all those people who keep asking me “What’s next?” I’d like to point out that this is probably it. (Time will tell!)

Oh yeah, one more thing… If you get a video iPod, please subscribe to tinkernet with iTunes, so the videoblog posts go to your iPod and you can watch it. I mean, since I can’t enjoy my own content on an iPod, someone else might as well… (That is, assuming it all works that way, same as with “audio” podcasts…)

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Oh come on now Petey ole’ boy – “I’d like to point out that this is probably it.” Geesh!!! That’s not the visionary Petey I used to know!!!!
I think the next logical extension is to make the iPods Wifi enabled or using some other (probably Apple) wireless protocol. Since alot of coffee houses, hotels, general areas, and cities are starting to step on the Wifi bandwagon with free “hotspots”, I’m sure Apple sees the value of people having a wireless link to the net to download their favorite death metal songs from iTunes while they drink coffee and lament at how the world is about to end. And the first step to the apocalypse, as we surely all know, will be the extinction of all computer cables (cablecide?)….
Or maybe I hope so because I design antennas and communication systems for a living…..

PS – I voted for you even though I’m not hip to Milwaukee anymore…

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