Magnatune and Videoblogs

Magnatune, they ain’t evil… They are nice to podcasters and videobloggers…

Many videoblogs use visuals with a musical soundtrack, and while there are already a few known Free Music Sources for Soundtracks, there’s now one more, Magnatune.

See their Podcasts and Video Blogs page, which outlines how you can use their music in your creation. they use the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license but they ask for attribution in a specific way that works for podcasts, but might not for some videoblogs, so I asked for a slight change, and got it. It now says the following under Attribution:

Video blogs can put a credit at the end of their video of the form “The song ‘song name’ by ‘artist name’ used by permission from”

Awesome! Thanks to John at Magnatune… I’ll be digging through the catalog to see what might fit with some of my videos