Rinky Dink

You think it’s easy maintaining an ice rink? Think again mister…

I know, living on the lake is nothing but pleasure right? Summers swimming, winters ice fishing, or skating… Skating you say? You think it’s easy building a good ice rink?

At first, it was just a matter of shoveling the snow off of the ice, but as you walk across the ice, and sled across the ice, and (attempt to) skate across the ice, the ice gets pretty unsmooth, which makes the skating part a bit difficult…

Oh sure, we’ve tried sweeping and shoveling, and it’s not like we have a zamboni laying around, so next we’re going to try watering the rink, and hoping that it freezes smooth.

Now I’ve got to go find all of the hoses, some duct tape, rubber gloves, and a copy of The Mighty Ducks

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Up at my folks’, we auger in a hole about 20′ outside fo the rink, and then use a submersible pump to flood the rink. Depending on the day, it can be ready for skating in short order, or overnight. The the advantage is that you need less hose and don’t risk freezing your hose bib at the house, the downside is you have to own a pump and have power for it out on the ice. *shrug*

Depending on how much snow is piled up, sometimes you don’t even need a pump. If you pile the snow on one end and cut the hole near the pile, the weight of the snow will sometimes be enough to push the ice down and the water will come up through the hole on its own.

Best of luck.

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