Podsafe Music Easier

Fun with PodSafe Music, Bookmarklets, CGI’s and Webjay…

I started to browse through the podsafe music network site recently (even though I am not a fan of their licensing terms) because, well, because it had some music I wanted to hear. I was getting bothered by their interface that presented these little play buttons for each audio file, and since I couldn’t just run it through Webjay’s Play This Page feature, I hacked up some code to do a little transformation to expose cleaner URL‘s for the MP3‘s first.

So this means what? It means I can browse to a page like this one for Scaterd Few , then click on a bookmarklet to run it through my hack, and get a simple page with links to the MP3’s.

But wait, there’s more! I can then click on the Webjay Play This Page bookmarklet to send it to Webjay and, you know, Play The Page!

And last but not least, as I said to Lucas “I will now patiently await cease and desist letters from all of the parties involved…”