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I like Ricky Gervais, I really do… but I won’t be paying for his podcast…

I like Ricky Gervais, I really do… but I won’t be paying for his podcast. See Ricky Gervais takes podcasting paid-for.

I really hope things don’t go this way. I’d prefer to see sponsorships, underwriting, or even flat out advertising (if well done) rather than a straight pay-for scheme.

In the long run this could hurt podcasting, if it’s assumed people will gladly pay $7 per month per podcast. I don’t know how many podcasts you subscribe to, but that could add up quickly. We we started this whole podcasting thing, we made sure it was open, and that anyone can do it. Hopefully the majority of the podcasting world will remain open and free, and hopefully that’s where all of the interesting stuff will happen.

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I figure, as long as there’s an HTTP server somewhere, podcasting will be okay. Ricky Gervais and Audible? Eh, now they’re competing with my Netflix subscription, so they get to bugger off.

Well. I love the podcast, but it’s too expensive. And who knows if it is actually a podcast or just a downloadable audio file?
I’ll be skipping it. Anyhow, for those that like to, I’m sure it’ll show up on bittorrent.
I can’t see them keeping 2 million listeners in a paid model anyway. Not unless it’s super cheap. The show is the same as their old XFM radio show, but without the music. And I’m used to getting my radio free.

Yeah, I saw that too, and can’t imagine anyone doing it, but I guess some people would pay for no commercials & good content. Love the Office, tho.

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