Web Design Meetup: May 2006

Well, I managed to attend the Milwaukee Web Design May Meetup, and it was a good time…

Well, I managed to attend the Milwaukee Web Design May Meetup, and it was a good time.

It was hosted at Byte Studios in the Third Ward (a block from where I used to work) and about a dozen people showed up. There was a good mix of design and tech, and there were no specific topics, we just sort of discussed whatever was on people’s minds, or answered whatever questions people had.

I’ll most likely be at the next one if my schedule permits. I’m wondering if the group would be open to presentations, there’s a number of topics I’d like to present and discuss…

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Pete, it was a good meeting indeed. As a first timer I enjoyed the people, the space and the open discussion. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get over and meet you, being in a discussion after the meeting, so I’ll make sure to say hello next meeting.

I noticed you were carrying a large Moleskine, very cool. I’m kind of a fanatic about them msyelf, though I tend toward the pocket sizes. Don’t know if you’ve heard of Moleskinerie, but that’s a great site with good Moleskine related links:

Finally… I’m now realizing you are the RasterWeb podcast guy – you’ve been featured on Adam Curry’s podcast – very cool! :-)

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You would be more than welcome to present any and everything you would like
at the meetup meetings.

There have been a few presentations in the past and they seemed to go over

The biggest challenge is that the tech/design ratio varies from meeting to
meeting so you would want to find something with a broad appeal.

I look forward to talking with you again at the next meeting if not before.

Chad Lawson

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I missed the meeting sadly (ended up staying up quite a few hours doing an accounting project that was due the next day). I’m glad to hear it went well. I look forward to attending the next one.

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