Geek Dreams

I had this dream I was taking all these photos in Milwaukee (with my phone, because I don’t have a camera anymore) and I noticed the protective screen on my phone was cracked (possibly due to the fact that the windshield of my car has a small crack) so anyway, I started to disassemble my phone, and all the keys fell out, and then I went to the Cingular store, and there was a geek girl there who fixed all that stuff, but she was busy playing Donkey Kong on some old console system, and I explained that I could fix it because people always said I was a “computer wiz” (that’s short for wizard) and if they just had the parts I would fix it. She told me to come back on Saturday and they would have the parts, then continued playing Donkey Kong on the old console system.

It’s a shame you probably can’t make it to our rummage sale this week, because “geek dreams” describes it. Some of the things I’ll be (trying) to sell include ColecoVision games, and old Nintendo, lots of game controllers, a mint condition manual for using Microsoft BASIC on the IBM Personal Computer, a NeXTStation, a TRS-80, some old Apple ][‘s and the disk drives to go with them, tons of computer cables, I think there’s even a Tandy Color Computer, and a tape drive for a Commodore as well. I probably forgot a few thing, but you get the idea…

So if you’re looking for junk… I mean stuff to kick-start your very own Maker Faire just drop me a line and I’ll drop you the details…

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