Microformats @ Web Design Meetup

I presented Microformats to the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup Group…

As previously mentioned, I gave a presentation on Microformats to the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup Group. I think it went well… I talked for about 30-40 minutes while running through some slides and examples, and showed Pingerati and Technorati’s new Microformats Search, as well as the Firefox Tails Extension.

The slides for the presentation are online now, aptly titled Microformats.

This was my first time using S5, and it wasn’t perfect, but part of that may be due to my use of a borrowed Windows laptop. S5 is very cool though, and I’m sure it’ll only get better.

It was nice to discuss Microformats with folks who had never heard of them before. They came up with some neat ideas about how they could be used in the future. I’m hoping at least a few people were motivated enough to create their own hCard.

Oh, I should send thanks to Tantek Çelik and Ryan King. I borrowed most of the slides from them. ;)

(Argh! I completely forgot that I had PDFs to hand out.)

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hey – looks like a good deck pete, thanks for sharing :)

at the last syndicate i sat through a panel discussion of structured blogging, in which microformats were also brought up, though most of the crowd listening had no idea – one steps at a time i suppose…

We Windows people can’t help it!

Thanks for teaching us, though. We definitely learned a lot.

I enjoyed your presentation a lot. It was very helpful. At one points, I didn’t really see there to be a true “make-me-wanna” reason to use microformats, but as it begins to evolve, I’m starting to see the light. Thanks for helping!

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