Ruby on Rails @ Web Design Meetup

At the September 2006 Milwaukee Web Design Meetup Jordan Arentsen did a presentation on Ruby on Rails…

At the June Milwaukee Web Design Meetup I did a presentation on Microformats, and I ended it asking who would be willing to present next time. Well, Jordan Arentsen stepped up, but due to problems with the meetup in July, and his missing the August meetup, we finally got to see it in September.

You can find his presentation on his site if you’re interested. (I believe he will also present it at a BarCampMilwaukee session.)

He also showed a lot of code from an application he wrote. Yes, he wrote his own blog software. It’s running at We followed up with a lot of good talk about the good/bad of Rails and other frameworks. RoR seems a little young, but it’s growing, and there are definitely a lot of large sites making it work.

(Speaking of the Web Design Meetup, I’m contemplating taking over as organizer if the need arises, because, you know, I don’t have enough projects going on…)

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