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Drew posted this thing and said I was supposed to do the same… So, eh, why not?

  • I tried to build a robot when I was a kid. I had a controller built out of relays wired to a board which would be controlled by an Apple ][+, and a motor on a platform, and a circular aluminum body to sit on the platform, and I even built a robot hand out of solenoid and pieces of wood. The design was cool, it just didn’t work in the real world. I think I still have some of the parts in the garage.
  • When I was a kid I wrote a letter to NASA offering my services if they were looking for young people to go into space.
  • Back when I was younger, people said I looked like Nicolas Cage, though in more recent years, people said I looked like Ray Romano. I’m still trying to figure out if these were compliments or insults.
  • I have a scar or disfigurement on every finger. I will never be a hand model.
  • I almost blew up my grade school.

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It has been my experience that the people who are geeks now were geeks when they are kids. Certainly is true for me :D

Also, I think you must expand on the near blowing up of the grade school. You can’t leave us hanging like this, Pete.

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