Windows Hurts Me…

When I have to use a Windows machine for long periods of time, it hurts my fingers…

When I have to use a Windows machine for long periods of time, it hurts my fingers.

Why? Look at your keyboard. Put your left thumb on the Ctrl key, and your left index finger on the W key, now on the C key, and then on the V key. Now try it again, but put your thumb on the Alt key (or Command key, for use Mac users.)

Which is more natural? putting my thumb on the Command key on my Mac feels natural. I am not stretching and crossing my fingers over to hit the target keys. Using Windows, my thumb has to go way to the left, underneath my index finger.

Is it just me, or does the same thing happen to you?

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Hmm, I use my little finger for hitting CTRL. I use my thumb for ALT. This means that I just move my entire hand down and to the left from my normal typing position to be able to use any of the keys in the bottom left (and draw my thumb and little finger towards each other). I’d never really thought about it before.

Well, it did for a few days… then I applied a registry scancode remapping to swap the keypresses generated by the left Ctrl and Alt keys, respectively.

Not only does this make my Windows machine feel much more like a Mac, it also confuses the hell out of anyone who tries to use my keyboard to get anything done… :)

In retrospect, I’d advise making an AutoHotKey script to do the swapping, rather than a regsitry hack.

Hope that helps!

Yeah, back when I had a Windows machine, I’d use the pinky combo. It sorta works better for copying and pasting. But my hand almost perfectly falls on the Command and “Q” key which I use, along with Command+W, pretty often. I guess I’ll put up with ‘finger-crossovers’ when copying and pasting, to avoid the very awkward Alt+F4 combo!

I use the right hand pinky to hit the control key. Doesn’t hurt my fingers at all. I actually don’t use my left thumb at all when it comes to interacting with my keyboard.

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