Fishing at BarCampMadison

Yeah, that’s fishing, not phishing!

Yeah, that’s fishing, not phishing! I thought I had seem some odd BarCamp sessions before, but at BarCampMadison, someone has one titled Fishing (NOT PHISHING): A Geeks Hobby. Hey, this is Wisconsin after all…

Here’s a brief description:

71% of the earths surface is water and in that water there are fish for that catching. My goal with this session is to introduce some of my fellow geeks to hobby I find extremely enjoyable, that gets me outdoors, and doesn’t lack for technology.

Honestly, that doesn’t sound like your typical BarCamp session…

(Oh, on a somewhat related/unrelated note, a big thanks should go out to Chad Dickerson of Yahoo! for helping out with the sponsoring of BarCampMadison.)