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Work, Learning, and Enjoyment are three things to think about.

Work is something you probably have to do. Most people have to do it nearly every day.

Learning is something you probably do no matter what. It’s hard to avoid learning. There are life lessons every day, and if you love learning, you probably pursue it, and you probably enjoy it, and you probably don’t consider it work.

Enjoyment is something you really should have in your life. For some people, enjoyment is what they have when they are not working, or learning, but you may get enjoyment out of work, or get enjoyment out of learning.

So really, if you can make all three of those things happen simultaneously, then consider yourself lucky.

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Funny, but I always thought I hated learning, but that was more to do with formal education trying to teach me stuff I wasn’t interested in much.

However, the reality is that I love to learn stuff, whether something practical like how to design a WP template or use social media effectively, or some esoteric fact that will make no impact on my life beyond the fact that I know it – and sometimes that amuses me.

Luckily I’ve been working for myself for the last 8 years, which means work isn’t work – it is fun AND pays the bills. And I need to learn a lot to be effective in my work – it is never ending.

So you’re right, when that holy trinity of Work, Learning, and Enjoyment come together you’ve got a pretty good life.

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