Pressure Sensitive Web Apps?

I’m quite pleased with our latest input device, the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet, and while doing some browser maintenance, I noticed a plugin:

Wacom plugin

So, I set about looking for how I could use this, and found this Wacom page which was… pretty much useless. None of the examples worked. In fact, I get an alert saying the WacomPlugin could not be found. Which is odd, because, well, it certainly appears to be there. After a little testing it seems it doesn’t work in Firefox or Chrome, but does work in Safari. Some “OS Magic” may be sprinkled onto this plugin. Try using this page in Safari if you’ve got a tablet and you should see it outputting some nice numbers.

After a quick search the only example I could find was this amazingly fun drawing app called Harmony that Ricardo Cabello had created and added the Wacom Javascript API to. I managed to create this amazing masterpiece you see below:


But honestly, it’s really hard to tell if the pressure sensitive part works. It seems to sort of work. I do get different line widths from using the tablet versus using the mouse. I’d like to dig into the Wacom Javascript API stuff a bit more and see if I can get some simple example code to work. Of course it would be great to see it working in browsers besides Safari.