Photojojo Loves You!

PhotojojoI love Photojojo… They love making photography fun. They also love making you love them, and how do they do that?

Here’s their mission, placed prominently on their site:

We believe in doing one thing, and doing it very, very well

We find the best photo shiz anywhere

I’ve seen companies do the “love us” thing… The idea is to make your customers fall in love with you. Do whatever it takes to make them love everything about you. Deliver outstanding service, in fact, over-deliver outstanding service, go above and beyond, make them happy, get them excited, make sure that if they tell anyone else about you (and they will) that they are presenting you in a positive light. And you can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Actions do speak louder than words.

Photojojo was a sponsor of PhotoCampMilwaukee back in 2009. They totally got it, and were more than happy to help us make that event happen.

Photojojo’s store is filled with stuff that isn’t high-end gear for serious photographers. It’s mostly simple things to make photography fun. (But there are some pretty useful items there as well.)

Even the little things about Photojojo are all about fun. For instance, their contact form doesn’t have some lame Captcha that forces you to decode a distorted string of numbers and letters… it looks like this:

Photojojo Contact Form

Yeah, fun stuff! It’s kind of what they’re all about… if you love photography, check out Photojojo… they love it too.