13 Years of RasterWeb!

13 Years

13 years of blogging… You can browse through the archives if you like. It’s all there.

I just keep going. I don’t know why… probably because it’s hard to stop. I don’t give up easily, and I like to keep trying. Things were obviously very different in 1997 when we started. There were a handful of blogs and you could read them all during your lunch hour. As much as I’m saddened to see an old friend abandon their blogs, I’m often quite pleased to see some are still at it.

This is the part where I thank Dave Winer, because without him, I wouldn’t have started blogging. (Even if he does block me on Twitter.)

I’m considering a few new taglines, perhaps: “Wisconsin’s longest running blog” or something… I dunno, any suggestions?

Anyway, I’m just here to congratulate myself on 13 years of blogging, and hope for another 13 to come… Keep up the good work, self!

5 replies on “13 Years of RasterWeb!”

Hurray! Far less for me sadly. My fault for starting my blog with tripod. I think it must be approaching ten years of blogging now, just spread across two domains! (Although I think I have most of my archives??)

“Acting like a 13 year old blogger?”

but how long is it if you only count the years after you stopped insisting this was not a weblog? :p

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