Web414 Persona for Firefox

Personas are the easiest way to theme Firefox. Got Firefox? Visit and it’ll get you started.

And for you Web414 fans, you can install the Web414 Persona.

If you wanna go “Persona Crazy” you can install Personas Plus for easy access to over 60,000 personas.

Web414 Persona

Here’s what the Web414 Persona looks like in the Firefox 4 beta. (Don’t worry, it also works in Firefox 3.6.x as well.)


Here’s a close-up showing the logo treatment as it appears in the header. (It looks better in Firefox 4 than Firefox 3.)

Building this personal took almost no time… the only delay was waiting for approval, which took about a day. (While I was waiting I investigated hosting the persona on my own server, but there’s a lot of Javascript hackery to make that happen that I didn’t feel like getting into.)

I may build more personas if I get time, or maybe I’ll dig into Enhanced Personas. :)