WordPress Plugin Rundown

Adam Chernow has a blog on his own site, but tends to use Tumblr more… He also asked me what plugins I use.

chernowachernowa @raster WP is what I have my blog on right now… What plugins are you running to do everything?

So I thought I’d give the rundown of the current plugins I’m using. Many of these were added fairly recently. As a bit of history, I started this blog in 1997, first using UserLand Frontier as the publishing tool, and later using a Perl-based system I developed, until about 2005 when I moved to WordPress. I used my own custom theme since then and just within the past few months got around to fixing a few issues that prevented a few plugins from working properly.

So… here’s the list:

  • Akismet – stops comment spam. (From the fine folks at WordPress.)
  • Clean Archives Reloaded – used on the Archives page – it works. Not much more to say.
  • Comments with OpenID – it seems to work. Is there a better one? I don’t know…
  • Configure SMTP – my mail goes through an SMTP server.
  • Foursquare – provides a widget in the sidebar with my most recent check-ins.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – generates a sitemap.xml file used by Google to assist in indexing the site.
  • I Like This – provides a ‘Like’ button on each post. I didn’t want to outsource the ‘liking’ of posts to FaceBook, so I added my own thinking people who didn’t want to leave a comment might use it. (Almost no one uses it.)
  • Inline Tag Thing – I use this on occasion when I go through old posts adding tags. I hacked up my version a bit…
  • OpenID – supporting OpenID. (Thanks DiSo!)
  • Subscribe To Comments – pretty basic functionality that should be included with pretty much any blog nowadays. (Even though everyone says “email is dead.”)
  • Stats – added recently, just testing it out. I go on these kicks where I keep a close eye on stats, and then I completely ignore them for months at time.
  • WordPress Gravatars – adds Gravatar avatars to comments.
  • WP Simple AdSense Insertion – I’ve been experimenting with adding ads to old blog posts that get a lot of views. We’ll see how it goes.
  • WP Super Cache – great caching plugin to speed up page delivery. (I even donated some cash for this one!)
  • WPtouch iPhone Theme – provides a more mobile-friendly version of the site.
  • XRDS-Simple – I think the OpenID plugin required this to work properly…

I am by no means a WordPress expert (though I know a few!) and this is just the current snapshot of what plugins I’m using here. As I said, some have been added pretty recently, or I’m sort of “test driving” them for a while.

(I’d love a BarCamp session talking about WordPress, and it’s plugins, and overall best practices…)

2 replies on “WordPress Plugin Rundown”

I’ll make it my session. I have plenty I can share around plugins.

If you’re not in love with Super Cache, I’ve never been more impressed by a caching plugin than I have with W3 Total Cache.

Very nice list of plugins. Do you do editing on the plugins? I’m trying to get some of mine to work better with my theme, but I have run into some css issues. Also looking at making a more secure login for wordpress.

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