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BarCampMadison: Future of Web608

BarCampMadison Web608 is Madison’s Web Community, and was inspired by Web414, which is Milwaukee’s Web Community. Abraham Williams was one of the founders of Web608, but moved away from Madison, so Andrew Shell led this session on rebooting the group and deciding how to run things in the future.

Here is the audio from the session. It took place in the big room at BarCampMadison, where it was very echoey and the AC noise was loud. Still, I cleaned it up a bit and it should be listenable.

You can also download an MP3 file if you’d like. (And for our freedom loving friends, enjoy an Ogg file.)

Also, if you want to get all of the audio automagically downloaded podcasting style, subscribe to the feed. I’ll add in more BarCamp stuff as I get it all edited and published.