BarCampMilwaukee5 Tweets

Below I will attempt to highlight, explain, refute, or otherwise mention some of the tweets that were posted as a result of BarCampMilwaukee5…

ontask #bcmke5 is so cool! Ask for help unloading truck and 25 people come to help! Thanks folks.

I got a message from Lena saying she had arrived and needed help unloading. I yelled something to that effect, and I think Gabe re-yelled it, and a huge number of people unloaded the truck in less than 5 minutes. It was cool to see that happen. Also, we used all the crates she brought in the Creative Commons Photo Studio we built.

offordscott Gabe is poetic #bcmke5

Gabe certainly is poetic. And loud.

tomhenrich The law of two feet: if you’re not getting value where you are, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. #bcmke5

Yup, though I think it should be “getting or giving value…” :)

sfradkin The Bucketworks building is awesome! #bcmke5

It’s great to think that Bucketworks has a home now… as opposed to being homeless last year at this time.

JYoda We have commandeered microsession room 1 to play with the Roku. We are “prepping” for later. #bcmke5 Cut the Cable!

I’m sad I missed this session and seeing the Roku. :(

mitch42 My FireFox Add-ons for Web Development session currently scheduled for 2pm in Micro Session room 2. #bcmke5

Crud! Another one I missed. :(

Arqueete Sitting at a table being the uncool person with a PC. #bcmke5

We’re you running Ubuntu? Or was it (gasp!) Windows? Don’t worry, tell those Apple fanbois to stuff it!

tomhenrich “The Art of SEO” requires ongoing work and makes no promises. Lots of crooks and liars in the field. #bcmke5 #mkeseo

Yeah, sadly “crooks and liars” is equivalent to SEO in many people’s minds.

raster @svdodge CC Photo Studio, in the loading dock! #bcmke5

This was my way of telling Sam (and everyone else) where the Creative Commons Photo Studio was. #promotion

chrisjaure My node.js session broke Google Calendar! #bcmke5

The best part about this was submitting a bug report to Jason (who works at Google) in person. #face2face #irl

raster Can someone drive a guy to Bayshore Apple Store? #bcmke5

So Travis needed a power supply for a MacBook Air, and asked me where he could get one. We told him where the Apple Store was, but I also asked this question. I got a reply from Alex Falkenberg, and after a quick phone call, Alex said he would pick one up on the way to Bucketworks. Travis paid Alex, got his power supply, and didn’t need to leave BarCamp. Thanks Alex!

tomhenrich I hope someone’s taking notes on this session. RT @JYoda: Is God a pre-digital surveillance system? #bcmke5 Theology & the Net

tomhenrich Someone in @jregan‘s “Developer’s Bookshelf” #bcmke5 session better be taking copious notes.

JYoda Raw(ish) session audio for Cut the Cable session (on Roku and other things): #bcmke5

Gabe, JYoda, and I all had Zoom H2 Handy recorders. I left mine in one room, Gabe left his in another, and JYoda carried his around with him. We didn’t get every session, but we got some. Sadly, I didn’t get any video like I did for BarCampMadison… The nice thing about the Zoom H2 is that an 8GB card can record for 40 hours easily, capturing the entire event…. well, one room of it. Next time bring your recording devices! (It’s also good to see some people publish their media really quickly… unlike me.)

tomhenrich Crossing my fingers that my phone’s battery survives the next 5hrs of #bcmke5 tweeting.

Bring your chargers to BarCamp! (Or, ask someone if they have one you can use…)

cjibo NOTE: need to get higher resolution projector for development talks. #bcmke5

I can only assume Curtis will be buying a brand new projector to bring to BarCampMilwaukee6. :)

houseofbrew @Bucketworks I’m coming back for the 5 o’clock session. Will bring the dew. #bcmke5

For the people who did leave (and come back) it was great to see they were willing to help keep the supplies flowing in.

atomicfork James is fighting a bear next to the Arduino session. #bcmke5

That happens more often than you’d think at Bucketworks.

tomhenrich Sad but true. “If you want me to support IE6, it’s going to cost you double. Because that’s what it’s going to take.” –@arlen #bcmke5

skylinechicago If using html5boilerplate, make sure to grab it from git rather than the site… (oops!) #bcmke5

whil The fellow from Seattle who wants, during the introductions, the title for “furthest traveled” gets aced out by the guy from DUBAI. #bcmke5

Actually the guy from Dubai traveled from Chicago, and he didn’t even know he was going to BarCamp! I asked about the possibility of a Bucketworks-like thing in Dubai, but he was not optimistic it was even possible there… That made me thankful that we have a place like Bucketworks in Milwaukee.

raster @plural you should stop by the Creative Commons Photo Studio! #bcmke5

Reminder or self-promotion? You decide!

JYoda OH: How to print on an iPad: Place on copier, hit Start. #bcmke5


raster @mathiasx you grab the garbage file.. you’re the closest! #bcmke5

Part of the Late Night Madness that included watching “Hackers” via YouTube, in 5 minute segments. #SmackTheGibson!

ethercycle Today I witnessed the power of crowd-sourced learning at BarCamp Milwaukee 5. Much love & thanks to everyone at #bcmke5

raster give @mathiasx a beer, Mac mini, and big screen and you’ll be entertained for hours… #bcmke5

JYoda OH: “We need to give in to the machine. And if the machines rise up and kill us all, we deserve it, because we’re all idiots.” #bcmke5

gregtarnoff OH: @skipp “You suck” @raster “I know” #bcmke5

gregtarnoff OH: @skipp “Your kinda a dick pete” @raster “I know. I prefer curmudgeon.” #bcmke5

@skipp apologized to me the next day. Also, there may have been some drinking involved.

JYoda Having a shitstorming session in microsession room 1. Come join us. We are creating the next big social media site. #bcmke5

raster @JYoda But we’re watching Hackers while doing wireless video streaming via Android + Ustream and meme-ing it up! #bcmke5

gregtarnoff OH: “We need more pictures of @KatyPerry‘s cleavage … for science” @mathiasx #bcmke5

More Late Night Madness.

atomicfork Waking up to find what everyone tweeted overnight at #bcmke5 is one of the best parts of the weekend.

houseofbrew Explaining to the microbrews how @bucketworks is not a house, but rather a home for smart people. #bcmke5

alexfalkenberg AppEngine interesting, but the lock-in aspect will likely keep me from doing anything non-tinkery. #bcmke5

tomhenrich “We as digital content creators must realize everything we do can be erased with a magnet.” #bcmke5

tomhenrich “Intellectual property in the information age”- possibly one of the most interesting #bcmke5 discussions I’ve been in so far.


alexfalkenberg So am I feeding the meter outside every 2hrs, or am I not parking in the right place? #bcmke5

rohdesign Hey #bcmke5 attendees – a parking checker is out now (2:21) writing tickets – go plug your meters!

alexfalkenberg Took a chance w/ 1.5 hrs to go, and survived w/o a parking ticket. Quarter offers were appreciated btw. :) #justincriminatedself #bcmke5

Parking was an issue I think we could have done better on…

Lightning Talks Strike!

youngmetropoly 10 minutes to the lightning talk portion of #bcmke5. Pondering potential topics for a 5 minute presentation.

plural #bcmke5 lightning talks starting now! great day so far.

alexfalkenberg Lightning talks @ #bcmke5 fairly interesting so far.

Bucketworks Lightning talks are AWESOME #bcmke5!

Well I sure enjoyed the Lightning Talks. I wish more people would have participated. I mean, I did like 3 or 4 of them, and could have done more, if even just to inspire others. Maybe the BarCampMadison talks were better because they applied alcohol before the talks started.


the_beth OH @ #bcmke5: oh! kidscamp is going to have hot glue guns tomorrow; i can fix it tomorrow.

GregTracy @barcampmke @emmatracy is going to do a #kidscamp session on using prezi for homework assignments. #bcmke5

mitch42 KidsCamp at @barcampmke – a little chaotic, but fun! #bcmke5

GregTracy Proud to see @emmatracy leading a session at barcamp. #bcmke5

mitch42 Recovering from @barcampMKE and KidsCamp. Great weekend. Lots learned. Lots of fun. #bcmke5 #fb

whil So BarCampMilwaukee is in the record books. Need to get back to work. But the kids will be talking about it all week! #bcmke5

KidsCamp was awesome, but KidsCamp should probably be a totally separate event from BarCamp, at least based on some poeple I talked to… Let’s spin it off!

Join Us! Campaign

mathiasx @SaraSantiago you should be code raving at #bcmke5!

gregtarnoff @krittabug Come down to @Bucketworks #latenighthacking #bcmke5

mathiasx @simonmcconico You should be at #bcmke5!

mathiasx @raster you should be at bcmke5!

raster @mathiasx I’m sitting 2 feet away from you moron!!! #bcmke5

svdodge @KeVroN Steven Tyler is still alive? You should probably be at #bcmke5

raster @KeVroN you should come to BarCampMilwaukee5… have you been to the new @Bucketworks yet? #bcmke5

For a while during the Late Night Maddness we started a Twitter campaign to get people to come to Bucketworks and join us. I don’t think it worked. I think we just scared and alienated everyone. So, business as usual I guess.

Breakfast sans Syrup

knellotron #bcmke5 breakfast: vegan berry & cinnamon quinoa is ready. scrambled eggs too.

houseofbrew @Bucketworks @gregtarnoff what time is breakfast? I might be able to bring syrup. #bcmke5

theycallmebrant @gregtarnoff I’ll pick some syrup up on my way back! @Bucketworks @BarCampMKE #bcmke5

knellotron #bcmke5 maple syrup has arrived!

Thanks again to the Larkee’s for making breakfast, cleaning up, and never once complaining about any of it… When I saw there was no syrup, I thought to myself “I have no one to blame but myself!” because really, if I wanted syrup, I should have brought some, or gone to the store to get some, or some other third thing. Also, I hadn’t slept much, so who knows what I was thinking…

Missed Connections

bEx_x3d I wish I was at #bcmke5, got to many other things to sort out this weekend though:/

deziner I’m sad I’m missing #bcmke5 this weekend. :(

TheLarch RT @deziner: I’m sad I’m missing #bcmke5 this weekend. :( [Likewise. This is 2 in a row I’ll miss]

DDysart Honestly bummed I’m not gonna make it to #bcmke5. Too much going on at home.

blissdev The post-lunch session at #BCMKE5 is stacked with things I want to attend. Sucks.

RyanK Missed so many good talks at Barcamp Milwaukee! I hope there’s some place for people to sharing slides if they had any! #bcmke5 @BarCampMKE

tomhenrich Trying to figure out a way to clone myself so I can make it to multiple #bcmke5 sessions simultaneously.

Arlen My biggest complaint about BarCamp Milwaukee? There wasn’t more of me to catch simultaneous sessions. #bcmke5

houseofbrew Barcamp 5. Can’t believe I missed the first 4 #bcmke5

Arlen @raster There was just so much to do, see, and talk about there, It’s inevitable something would get missed. I missed node.js also. #bcmke5

raster @Arlen one of my favorite complaints about BarCamp: “There too much to do, see, and talk about!” #bcmke5

If you missed it, don’t miss it next year!

That’s a Wrap!

bertramt Been about 36 hours since I last slept, but I’m home and had a blast at #bcmke5

chrisjaure BarCamp Milwaukee was awesome this year and it will only get better now that there’s a permanent, customizable venue! #bcmke5

hypnagogic Thanks to everyone who attended #bcmke5 for making @barcampmilwaukee such a great event this year!

For all the work that goes into the planning and organizing and running BarCampMilwaukee, I’m happy to say that I still love being a part of it. Even after five years, it excites me and gets me revved up about new ideas. Awesomeness. Thanks everyone!

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