PHP Hacking

The Milwaukee PHP User Group invited me to speak at their January 2011 meeting, so I talked about PHP Hacking, or at least my perspective on it, with a talk titled: PHP Hacking: The battle between great ideas and not-so-great code.

I recorded the audio from the talk, and since I felt the slides themselves didn’t say much, I thought about syncing the audio to the slides and making a video, but since SlideShare has these things called SlideCasts, I thought I’d give that a try…

John Boutelle has a great intro called Slidecasting 101 which explains it all. I found the SlideCast tool pretty easy to use, my only complaint would be that I’d like to not publish my slides until the audio is synced. If there’s a way to do that, I must have missed it.

As for the talk itself, it pokes a lot of fun at Java, .NET, Ruby (on Rails) and a few other things… Don’t take it too seriously… much of this talk was for entertainment purposes. Also, I mentioned a few people in this talk, or if I didn’t mention them, I mentioned things that they’ve done. Here’s a few: Dave Winer, Rogers Cadenhead, Kellan Elliott-McCrea, Phil Wilson, Vinny Carpenter, Steve Minutillo, Matt Gauger, Tom Henrich, and probably a few more I’ve forgotten…

If you’d like me to come speak at your user group or meeting, let me know… I’d be happy to come and insult whatever technology you’d like, even your own. :)

This presentation is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. You can also see it at SlideShare.