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Song: Potato Shirts & Skins

Frenetic Stereoear Here’s the fourth song from the album “Frenetic Stereoear” titled “Potato Shirts & Skins.”


This one has some nice bass, but the guitar is sort of, I dunno…lacking. The second half has the guitar doing some off-time thing, which I’m not sure works, but hey, I just went with it. The background sound in the song is from the lightning talks at BarCampMadison3, I think it’s before the talk where everyone was in the room talking to each other, and the recorder was just rolling, so there’s great audio of people talking, but you can’t make out anything that anyone is saying. I threw on some Fuzz-Wah and Platinum Reverb and it worked.

The name was originally “We’re all out of potato skins!” in reference to the night the wife and I hung out with the guys from The Black Jew Dialogues and went to Applebee’s and Larry tried to order from the Gluten-free menu. I ended up changing it to “Potato Shirts & Skins” because I thought it sounded funnier.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being awesome) I’ll give this song a 5. I like how the drums and bass go together. The guitar could be better. Heck, the whole song could be better, but really, it’s not that bad… right?