High Sierra Clampette

Simple Hi Hat

The Clampette is a small clamp that can hold a small camera. It’s made by the High Sierra Manufacturing Company, and it’s about $12.

It’s a handy little device to have in your camera bag. It’s small, and it’s lightweight, so while it’s easy to carry around, it’s not going to hold that Nikon D3x very steadily. But what it will do is let you mount a small camera (point & shoot still camera, small video camera, or anything else that had a standard tripod mount screw hole) onto things. In the photo you can see how I made a really simple hi hat by just clamping it onto some scrap wood I nailed together.

There’s a few options, like the right-angle head, and the bike-handle bar mount, but besides that… it’s very uncomplicated.

I love the simplicity of the Clampette… it may be partly due to the fact that I made one about 14 years ago with a c-clamp and the tripod from a toy telescope. Mine did not work as well, by the way…

And speaking of simplicity, how can you not love the web site? It’s the epitome of simplicity! And in the footer? This document was last Modified on May 11 ,2004 at 4:25:35 P.M. Pure Awesome!