Song: Medium Rare Fidelity

Frenetic Stereoear Here’s the thirteenth (and final!) song from the album “Frenetic Stereoear” titled “Medium Rare Fidelity.”


This is just a simple mellow song with bass and guitar. It’s totally boring, but I wanted to try something without drums, which also means I played all the instruments on the track.

The background sound in this song is me taking the steps down to the basement, which is not where I recorded this, but the steps are old and wooden, and look like they could collapse at any moment. As for the name, this is definitely not “high fidelity,” though I do like the movie, but it’s a bit more “Medium Fidelity” or “Medium Rare Fidelity” as it were… (Yes, I like word play.)

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being awesome) I’ll give this song a 6… only because it’s different from all the other songs.