Another Sugru Repair


After my first repair job with sugru, I remembered that I had this letter opener that was in need of repair. My wife had given it to me after she got sick of seeing me open letters with our kitchen knives. It’s a great looking letter opener, and the tape I had on it was not doing it justice.

I still had a package of black sugru, so I cut it open and fashioned a ring around the cracked part of the handle. I tried to get it smooth, as this repair was a lot more cosmetic than the last one. (And no, I didn’t have any white sugru!)


Note that it’s really hard to get sugru smooth. This is better than my previous attempt, but I can still see my finger prints in the sugru. Maybe I need to wear some rubber gloves.

My main complaints about sugru? I wish it were easier to get, and that it lasted longer. I’ve still got a bunch of packets and now I’m starting to feel pressured to use them before they expire. It would be great if the local hardware store carried sugru so I could just go pick up a packet when I need one… of course they’d still have to deal with the expiration problem, which is something most things in the hardware store (besides the candy!) probably don’t have an issue with. I still think it’s doable, as sugru is pretty darn cheap, so even if it cost double what it does online, it’d be a good deal.

Besides the availability and expiration issue, sugru is pretty darn cool. :)