Makerspace Eggs

Milwaukee Makerspace Egg

As I mentioned previously, the Milwaukee Makerspace Grand Opening & Mini Maker Fair is coming up (Saturday, April 9th, 2011!) and since I plan to bring Egg-Bot, I figured I should have something to show…

So why not this Milwaukee Makerspace Egg!

If you want one, bring your own egg to the open house. (Or I’ll try to remember to bring a bunch of eggs.)


It’s another stippled piece, as I wasn’t loving the way the line version was coming out (I think I need to play with the pen speed settings a bit more) so I figured the stippler would do for now… also, it takes a while to complete, so you get to watch the Egg-Bot in action.

Facebookers, you can RSVP if you’d like… I hope to see you there!