Processing: InitSketch


Today in Processing there’s no code, but we’ll still talk about code… code editing that is.

If you love your editor, then you love your editor, and it’s not fun or easy to switch, so writing code in the Processing IDE is fine, but you start to miss your editor and all the tricks it has. One of the tricks is templates. Well, the InitSketch Processing Tool takes care of that. It gets rid of the tedium of starting from a previous sketch, copying and pasting in a new one, and then deleting all the stuff you don’t want.

InitSketch adds an item to the Tools menu which will pre-fill a new sketch based on a template you create. It’s a small thing, but it’s handy. (I do wish it handled multiple template files, though.)

I was also interested to learn that Processing is somewhat based on jEdit, my long time text editor, which is pretty cool, and I may end up digging into jEdit as and External IDE as well.