Processing: TouchOSC


Today in Processing we’re trying out OSC (Open Sound Control) with TouchOSC.

Jason (@plural) is one of those smart guys that hangs out at the Milwaukee Makerspace, and he’s mentioned OSC a bit before, and I figured it was time to take a look.

I got TouchOSC installed on my iPad and I tested it out as a control surface for Apple’s Logic, which was pretty cool, but then I wanted to test it with Processing. Luckily, Stefan Goodchild, made this simple with his TouchOSCAccel code on GitHub.

In the image above, the red one on the left represents the tilt of the iPad as it’s sending data to Processing. The yellow one on the right is the iPad when it’s upside down. (The iPad connects to Processing running on my Mac via WiFi. Remote Control!)

I haven’t even tried to tweak the code yet, but figured I’d mention this neat little combo, because, you know, there may be times you want to control something in Processing using something besides a potentiometer connected to an Arduino.

Note: You will need the oscP5 library.