Not Just Yet…

Not Just Yet...

I happened to visit the Chrome Web Store using Firefox, and I was greeted with the following message:

Sorry, we don’t support your browser just yet. You’ll need Google Chrome to install apps, extensions and themes.

Wait… I was using Mozilla Firefox to visit the Chrome Web Store, so why am I posting this?

Because Google has given me hope. See, they said “we don’t support your browser just yet” and with that “just yet” part, I’m going to assume that they will support my browser at some point in the future.

I plan to revisit this post every few months to see if the status has changed.

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Same message shows up in Opera, Safari, OmniWeb, Camino, and SeaMonkey. The “just yet” bit is intriguing, but the message seems pretty generic for non-Chrome web browsers for now.

Oddly enough, it even shows up in the latest Chrome for Mac 13.0.782.220. I am truly befuddled!

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